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Elevate Performance, Harness Potential Through SPL’s Managed Services

Unlock the full potential of your digital ecosystem with our managed services and operational support.

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At SPL, we redefine managed services by offering a unique blend of superior quality and cost-effectiveness unmatched by other providers. That’s why 80% of our customers choose SPL Managed Services.

Supported by robust ITIL V3 processes and cutting-edge infrastructure, our team of top-tier Oracle functional and technical support consultants ensures faster issue resolution, higher-quality solutions, proactive support, and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Above all, we prioritize partnership with our clients to ensure that our support aligns seamlessly with their business needs.

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Empower Your Business with SPL’s Managed Services

Excellence in Oracle Cloud Support: Your Trusted Partner for Success

Receive continuous assistance for incident resolution, problem-solving, and user inquiries to support evolving application changes.
Access custom solutions tailored to your cloud environment, addressing issues and implementing preventive measures to avoid recurring problems.
Effortlessly adopt new functionalities with our comprehensive change, release, and test management services. From analysis to implementation and training, we ensure minimal business disruption through thorough regression testing.
Stay ahead with Oracle’s frequent enhancements with our strategic roadmap services. Our experts guide you through Oracle’s roadmap, empowering you to capitalize on forthcoming cloud opportunities.
Streamline system coordination and management with our holistic support services. Experience enhanced productivity and reliability through seamless deployment, monitoring, and maintenance with our integrated Pod and SR Management solutions.

Transition Excellence: Our Framework for Seamless Change

At SPL, we pride ourselves on our well-defined transition framework, designed to ensure a smooth and effective transition process for our Managed Services.

Holistic Approach

Our framework takes a comprehensive approach to service transition, addressing all aspects to guarantee a seamless changeover.

Seven Enabling Workstreams

We've identified seven key workstreams, each dedicated to addressing a specific aspect of the Managed Services transition. These workstreams run concurrently, ensuring a well-coordinated transition process

Parallel Execution

Workstreams operate in parallel to the Services Transition, allowing for efficient progress and timely completion of tasks.

Clear Accountability

With our framework, every aspect of the transition process has clear accountability and ownership, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Transition Management Office (TMO)

Our TMO serves as the central hub for overseeing and coordinating all activities, ensuring alignment and smooth execution across all workstreams.

Why Choose SPL as your Managed Services Provider?

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